July 1, 2009

Wedding and Wine Country

Over the weekend, T and I attended a beautiful wedding up in Paso Robles on the central California coast. But before I get into that, I couldn't resist sharing a couple snaps from the morning of our departure. Naturally, we couldn't get on the road without a little sustenance. Enter my poached eggs and vegetables from Huckleberry. I'm salivating just looking at this lovely little dish again. YUM.

And my soy latte to go was perfect in every way.

Now on to the nitty gritty. The bride and groom are horse and wine enthusiasts, respectively, so what better place to celebrate their nuptials than on a ranch smack dab in the middle of wine country? Here the musical trio liven things up with a little pre-wedding music.

The wedding party pulled up in old cars from the twenties. Super cool.

The lovely couple's beloved canine companion walked down the dirt-path-of-an-aisle, accompanied by these two strapping young men. How adorable is that.

Did I mention that the reception took place in a barn?

I love the dichotomy between the super fancy chandeliers and the rustic barn in which they elegantly hang. Such a lovely mix of glam and pastoral charm.

At night, T and I sipped wine we had bought from the local vineyards and huddled in front of a crackling fire. Sublime.

The hotel where we stayed even had a library and quite a diverse selection of books, from the questionable Danielle Steel to the more literary-minded Samuel Johnson. Do you notice the equestrian theme?

I'll let you know what else T and I got up to post-wedding. To be continued...


Dionne said...

What a cool wedding, I love it.

But even more amazing is YOUR BREAKFAST! Yumm!

{tig} said...

Fun wedding -- love the chandeliers against the rough wood of the barn -- such a great contrast.

Joanna said...

Dionne: It really is SO yummy, and healthy, too! I had it again today. :-)

{tig}: It really was a wonderful wedding; the speeches were also very entertaining!

Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

HBKistner said...

I knew those pastries looked familiar and yes! I'm so excited to know that Zoe learned to bake at my favorite cafe in SF, Tartine!!!! Oh, I can only imagine the bliss that oozes out of Huckleberry and I can't wait to sink my lips into some of their devine pastries, yummm!

Oh and the wedding outdoors in the rolling hills with a reception in the barn filled with light, how I would love to take photographs in that location. So romantic!

Thanks for the little getaway!