September 30, 2011

Blog turns 3

Today is my third blog birthday. I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately: why I started Lark in the first place, the amazingly talented artists I've discovered since embarking on the whole venture, as well as the rather disappointing aspects of the process - i.e. the distractions, the comparisons that are naturally drawn between bloggers, the excess and regurgitation of content, the commercialism, the superficial nature of blogging in general (I'm just as guilty as everyone else). And yet, I keep coming back to this space because I like it here, this small nook that I've created for myself. Because I'm constantly being inspired, whether it's by books I've read or new artists whose works I've stumbled across somewhere, and I like to share these experiences. Even if I'm the only one reading, the very act of writing, synthesizing information, and publishing it makes me feel alive, engaged, informed, productive. So even though it's an imperfect medium, I'll keep plugging away at it. No matter where (or nowhere) this little venture takes me. Because the alternative - i.e. the not participating and marveling and learning - is not an option for me.

{Image via The Sweetest Occasion}

September 28, 2011

Another Pottermore post

Dear Reader, if you're not riding the Harry Potter train (i.e. you couldn't give a fig about the boy wizard), then by all means ignore today's post. And for the rest of you...ok, I think they're gone. Anyway, so my Pottermore welcome email finally arrived the other day. The website isn't open to the public until October, but since being granted early access this week I've able to rummage around the beta site ahead of the worldwide unveiling, and I can tell you that it's pretty freaking awesome. You basically read along with the books, unlock/find certain magical objects (it's a virtual game, people. And yes, it's a little on the nerdy side), and most exciting of all - at least thus far - is that you can procure your very own wand and get sorted into one of the four houses at Hogwarts (alas, if only it were a real school)! Take a look at my airy, serene living quarters that is my house common room. 
Yep, I'm in Ravenclaw. And I'm not at all surprised, I might add. Ravenclaws highly value wit and learning and scholarly pursuits above every other house. So naturally this bookworm of a blogger got sorted there. Anyone else having fun with Pottermore? And can we be friends?

{Image via Pottermore Central}

September 25, 2011

Ode to Autumn

Friday, September 23rd marked the first day of autumn here in the northern hemisphere. This little autumnal song sums up perfectly my sentiments about this most glorious of seasons (I have my five-year-old twin nieces to thank for introducing this celebratory tune into my life). Take it away, Moose A. Moose.

{From Youtube, via Nick Jr}

September 21, 2011

Book Quote

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." -Jorge Luis Borges

{Image of Nigella Lawson at home in her library from House and Garden, via The Neo-Traditionalist}

September 19, 2011

Celebrating Roald Dahl

So this is where the magic happened. Where beloved author Roald Dahl imagined his beguiling stories for children and grownups alike (last Tuesday marked the 95th anniversary of his birth). I'd quite like to while away an afternoon in a holy place like this.

Oh, and how amazing is this cutout illustration from artist Jayme McGowan? James and the Giant Peach was my first and favorite of Dahl's books. You can view more of her brilliant artwork at Roadside Projects.

{Images via The New Yorker and Roadside Projects}

September 15, 2011

Go Green

I just purchased these colorful "Go Green (Forever)" stamps from USPS. Not only are they a helpful reminder to each and every one of us to do our part in being kind to the environment, their "forever" status guarantees that you can use them to post mail in the United States indefinitely, regardless of the next postal stamp price increase (which is bound to happen, sooner or later). As is often the case, it's doing the little things that invariably creates the most impact. Turning off a light here, fixing a water leak there. If enough of us choose riding a bicycle over driving a car or remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, we can change the world, people. Buy them here.

{Image from USPS}

September 9, 2011

Santa Monica Farmers Market & Good Food Festival

I'm not the only one who's recently turned 30. The beloved Santa Monica Farmers Market is also celebrating the big 3-0 by throwing what will be the very first Southern California Good Food Festival & Conference. On the agenda? Chef demos, doc screenings, and a fancy Localicious Gala where chefs from top LA restaurants (think Rustic Canyon, Animal, Spago, A.O.C., and more) will create signature dishes using fresh, local ingredients from the farmers' market. Where do I sign up?

{Image via Grub Street LA}

September 6, 2011

Nurturing my inner green thumb

Loving this post on the exceedingly popular A Cup of Jo blog about nurturing house plants. T mocks my planting-tending abilities - I've been known to kill a plant or two in the past - but I swear the green thumb is in my genes: my father's a farmer, so surely the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Even if where it lands is a little questionable. There's hope for me yet!

P.S. The image above is a snapshot of the home of Deborah Needleman, former editor-in-chief of the now defunct Domino magazine. RIP.

{Image from Lonny, via A Cup of Jo}

September 1, 2011


Nothing signals autumn quite like the start of September. Even if mother nature isn't exactly hopping on the autumnal bandwagon - she can be a bit stubborn, holding onto summer longer than she sometimes should - there is a feeling of change in the air (I've waxed lyrical about this before). Bouquets of sharpened pencils, crunchy leaves of red and gold, nubby woolen socks, cuddling up underneath a warm blanket at night as the brisk night air drifts through an open window, steaming mugs of spiced apple cider are all conjured, at least in my mind, on the 1st of September. Though sometimes it takes awhile to coax Autumn out her shell, she nearly always does. And it's well worth the wait.

{Image via Flickr}