February 28, 2012

Little Free Libraries

Wee little libraries such as this one above are being shared across the country as part of a new build-a-small-library-on-your-front-lawn movement. It first started as a way for one Wisconsin man to honor his late mother, who had been a teacher and book lover in life. The basic concept is take a book (it's free!) and leave a book (pay it forward). Now how lovely is that? 

{Photos via here}

February 20, 2012

Owl Bandwagon

From notepads to paperweights, vases to pocket watches, owls are everywhere these days (and would you believe it if I told you that I'm the proud owner of all of the aforementioned pieces? Though if you've read this blog before, then you might not be all that surprised). When uber cool London design house Burberry sends cozy owl-adorned sweaters down the Fall 2012 runway, you know it's a trend worth jumping on. Hop aboard if you want to be super chic like Burberry....and yours truly (ha!). 

{Images via Garance Dore}

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I heart Valentine's Day. There, I said it. I know a lot of people don't, and I can certainly see why people are disenchanted with the day itself - as if there isn't already enough pressure to find love, now there's a holiday to emphasize it (if I may loosely quote Charlie Brown). But I don't necessarily equate the day with romantic love, although the holiday can certainly encapsulate it. My sentiments are thus: why not be generous and spread the love around a little? Whether it's your zany twin nieces or your grandmother who lives too far away or the neighbor's crafty, but adorable cat who likes to use your patio as her own private salon, there are other types of love worth celebrating, not only on a day like today, but every day. So shower someone with a little love, and include yourself while you're at it. Splurge on that sexy perfume you can't get enough of or indulge in sinfully decadent chocolate. You only live and love once. 

P.S. My favorite mini essay on Valentine's Day. Spending the day with a glass of excellent wine + well-written novel = my kind of day. 

{Image via Pinterest}

February 5, 2012

I heart you

To me, the perfect Valentine's Day card is a mini heart from Egg Press. They're inconspicuous enough to be tucked into a wallet or coat pocket for a sweet surprise for your loved one. It's a small, but adorably effective way to brighten your sweetheart's day.