August 28, 2011


Tomorrow is my 30th birthday (talk about a milestone). There's something about entering a new decade that sort of stops you in your tracks a little bit. It's the ideal time for reflection and rumination, for thinking about goals and dreams not yet achieved. It's tempting to get caught up in the past and dream/worry about what's to come. And there is plenty of time for all that self-evaulation and planning. But right now I think I'll just sit here and enjoy a slice of decadent birthday cake and be grateful that I've made it this far, alive and pretty darn happy to boot. What more could a girl ask for?

{Image of Marilyn on her own 30th birthday from This is Marilyn}

August 24, 2011

Getting Frisky

Lately I'm coveting some leopard pieces to integrate into my fall wardrobe. Leopard can be a bit tricky - it's far too easy to veer into trampy territory - but when done right, it can look exceptionally chic. Rose Byrne knows what I'm talking about.

{Image via Go Fug Yourself}

August 18, 2011

Birthday Owl

So my birthday is in 11 days (and it's a big one). What are the chances of one of my friends sending me this owl birthday card? Good, very good, or slim to none? I guess I'll soon find out! This darling owl comes courtesy of Sycamore Street Press, one of my new (to me, anyway) favorite letterpress companies. They happen to be looking for an intern at the moment; the job sounds like a blast and would be perfect for anyone with a letterpress fetish (like yours truly). If only I lived in a gorgeous mountain valley town like Heber City, Utah. Le sigh.

August 16, 2011

Movie Night at the Aero

On Saturday, I hit up my local cinema to watch the oh-so-poignant and beautifully shot film classic On Golden Pond (I suggest you go watch it if you haven't already; it's a touching story of a couple in the golden years of their life and the father's strained relationship with their daughter, and in this case, art imitated life, as the two Fondas in the film, Henry and Jane, weren't exactly on the fuzziest of terms. Oh, and it also stars Katharine Hepburn. Is that enough of a reason for you? Go see it!). In celebration of the film's 30th anniversary, the Aero Theatre had a showing and invited director Mark Rydell to view the film with the audience (I sat behind him! Squeal!), and afterward he participated in a Q&A. His anecdotes were informative and very entertaining. In one story, he told of how the inhabitants of Squam Lake, which was where they filmed the movie in New Hampshire, were reluctant to let the studio film in their neighborhood (which is understandable). That is, until Katharine Hepburn showed up at their town meeting one day and pretty much told them point-blank, "You will let us film here." End of story. As only a badass like Katharine Hepburn can do.

Did I mention that it's highly possible that I was the youngest person in the audience? Maybe this is why I wasn't successful in enticing anybody to go with me. What do people have against the elderly? Sheesh. So typical of our youth-obsessed culture! We're all heading that way folks, and some faster than others. But then again, I've always embraced my geriatric tendencies - e.g. I don't like loud music. I love a good fireplace, with book in hand. And I've been known to use the term "whippersnapper". When I reach the age Katharine Hepburn was while making the film, I hope to be half as awesome as she was: fiery, eternally optimistic, and still diving into ponds on the brink of turning 70.

On a tandem note, I stumbled upon this recent interview with Jane Fonda and Charlie Rose. Apparently, she has a new book coming out, and in the interview, she talks a lot about her life and the things she's learned along the way, and what she had to say is really quite riveting. She also talks about making On Golden Pond with her father around the 38:00 mark (the entire interview is just under 50 minutes). Click here.

{Photos via here and here}

August 14, 2011

Perfume as aphrodisiac

"People often think of perfumes as aphrodisiacs that attract others. But in reality, the scents we buy attract us to ourselves. A dab of one fragrance can make us happy, the spray of another can inspire the kind of confidence that comes with wearing a favorite shirt or pair of shoes. And it’s the projection of that inner happiness and confidence that really makes us more attractive to others."

-Geoffrey Gray, "The Invisible Scent", New York Magazine

{Photo via Pinterest}

August 12, 2011

Wait for me!

Happy summer weekend! Hope you find some time to monkey around.

{Photo by Sharon Montrose via The Animal Print Shop}

August 8, 2011

The Morning After

The other night T and I hosted a small, impromptu dinner party with good friends (those are always the best evenings). When I awoke the following morning, this lineup greeted me. Not a bad night's work, if I do say so myself.

P.S. The wines were delectable, too. From left to right: Santa Margherita, Italy Pinot Grigio (2010); Duckhorn, Napa Valley, Sauvignon Blanc (2010); Melville, Santa Barbara, Syrah (2009); Erath, Oregon, Pinot Noir (2009)

August 6, 2011

I am magical! (Yes, this is a Harry Potter-related post.)

If you're not a fan of Harry Potter, then please ignore this post....and if you are and don't mind a little gleeful bragging, then here goes: I just acquired early access into Pottermore! And it was on my very first try of The Magical Quill challenge, too (luckily I happened to be in front of a computer at the right time; yes, I know I am a raging dork; it's part of my quirky charm, or so I like to think). All this just means that I get early access into the website before it's unveiled to the entire world in October. How early remains to be determined. Apparently, welcome emails to enter the beta site will be sent any time between August 7-September 30 (they don't want to flood the site with a million people who gained access). And now, we wait.

August 4, 2011

Downton Abbey

I hopped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon real late (I tend to do that with books and music, too). What can I say? I tend to eschew the hype because I'm generally a skeptical person by nature and usually hype isn't worth the interest (case in point: there's a reason why I haven't watched one second of The Jersey Shore). But sometimes I'm wrong. It took me years to start reading Harry Potter and then once I did, I fell for the books hook, line and sinker. Same goes with the Masterpiece production of Downton Abbey. It has all the makings of compelling television: the high drama, the lavish costumes and decedent set decorations, the intricately-drawn characters, excellent pacing and captivating plotlines, even the time period is fascinating (the series starts on the day the Titanic sank and spans the years leading up to WWI, a period of time that saw dramatic political and social change, and the ushering in of the modern era). The acting is superb; Dame Maggie Smith is a personal favorite, the lady has the best quippy lines. Since I got a late start, I was able to watch the series in its entirety in one go on Netlix. Now I have to wait until the second season airs in January. Boo hoo (lucky Brits get to watch all the drama unfold on the BBC this fall). January can't come soon enough.

{Photos of the ravishing blueblood Crawley sisters via Note to Self}

August 1, 2011

Birthday Gift for Virgo

Look what the fine folks from Anthropologie just sent me: a 15% off card featuring a beautiful depiction of the Virgo zodiac, just because it's my birthday month (the big day is the 29th). Such a delightful thing to receive in the mail! Anthro, you've really stepped it up this year.