August 6, 2011

I am magical! (Yes, this is a Harry Potter-related post.)

If you're not a fan of Harry Potter, then please ignore this post....and if you are and don't mind a little gleeful bragging, then here goes: I just acquired early access into Pottermore! And it was on my very first try of The Magical Quill challenge, too (luckily I happened to be in front of a computer at the right time; yes, I know I am a raging dork; it's part of my quirky charm, or so I like to think). All this just means that I get early access into the website before it's unveiled to the entire world in October. How early remains to be determined. Apparently, welcome emails to enter the beta site will be sent any time between August 7-September 30 (they don't want to flood the site with a million people who gained access). And now, we wait.

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