September 30, 2008


Lark /la:k/ noun

1. Any of various small brown singing birds of the family Alaudidae, with an elongated hind claw; spec. the skylark, Alauda arvensis*

2. A frolicsome adventure, a spree; an amusing incident, a (practical) joke

--Oxford English Dictionary

After having recently celebrated my birthday, one of the myriad goals I set for myself was to start my own blog. I feel that starting my own blog is like embarking on a sort of adventure. And I like what the lark represents: an escapade, happiness, morning, song, potential. In literature, the lark is commonly portrayed as the herald of the morning; many an ode exists extolling the virtues of this merry little bird. Furthermore, I don't want to take this blog too seriously and will instead have fun with this space and use it as an opportunity to play and muse on life's little pleasures.

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