July 14, 2009

Heaven is a private library

My good friend Taryn and I were on a plane once (we met in London during a post-college year of travel, and she has been my travel partner in crime ever since), and we were admiring the cloud formations as they drifted past our plane. Taryn marvelled that heaven must be just like this, sailing through a sea of fluffy, dazzlingly white clouds. I looked at her and quite seriously remarked, "Really? I always thought heaven would be a giant bookstore." I haven't been able to live down the comment since. True to form, I consider this private library and writer's study a kind of heaven: lots of open space, sun-dappled light peering through the windows, and a myriad of books at my disposal. For more photos and a brief interview with the architect, click here.

{Photos by Architect Andrew Berman, via Apartment Therapy}


Joanna Goddard said...

what a cute thing to say about the bookstore :) i love that.

Joslyn said...

yes total heaven. gorgeous.

tanya said...

that library is amazing! I would love to be sitting there reading a book while the light is streaming in like that. gorgeous :-)