July 11, 2009

Splendor in the grass...and on the beach

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding weekend T and I had a couple weeks ago. After attending our friends' nuptials in Paso Robles, we decided to extend our vacation by a day and continue eating and drinking down the California coast. Our next stop was the lovely Santa Barbara, where we had spent our first holiday together two years ago (ah, memories!). We walked on the beach, went browsing through shops on State Street, and enjoyed the gorgeous summer sunshine.

Whenever we visit Santa Barbara, we head to Elements to nosh on impeccable sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Named after the four elements, each room corresponds to either earth, water, air, or fire. We always sit out on the porch in the "air" because the weather is too lovely to resist. Not to mention, we can see the gorgeous courthouse from across the street.

Said gorgeous courthouse.

And view from the top of its tower.

T and I unwinding under the shade of the surrounding palm trees. He read to me from a book on how mathematical randomness rules our lives. Awesome.

My view from where I lay on the grass.

And we hung out with a flock of birds on the beach. They were none too pleased when T ran at them to produce the last shot.

Alas, the sun sets in Pacific Palisades on a spectacularly restful 4-day weekend. Why can't all weekends be this long?

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Joanna Goddard said...

so gorgeous and romantic. i love your feet together! :)