May 13, 2011

Some Pig

Meet Cinders. She's the rare pig who suffers from a curious case of mysophobia, according to A Word a Day (AWAD), a handy dandy email service that I've been subscribing to for the better part of a decade (they send you a fancy new word to learn every day, ranging from the practical to the super obscure). AWAD defines mysophobia as "an irrational fear of dirt", and by way of example, have appropriately included this adorable photo of little Cinders in all her glory in today's email. It appears as though Cinders's caretakers, the Keebles, have taken pity on her and have kindly outfitted her with mini Wellington boots so as to protect her precious feet from the mud. And just when this story couldn't possibly get any cuter, the BBC reports that Cinders has been fully accepted into the Keebles' home as a family pet and not as a potential meal. Rock on, Cinders.

{Image from AWAD via BBC}

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