February 22, 2010

What's cookin', goodlookin'

This shot was taken last week on the last day of a glorious three-day weekend. T woke up that morning with the urge to cook his own meatballs from scratch and he gleefully set to work while I cheered him on from my perch at the dining table (I like to keep a safe distance from beef and pork, personally). All in all it was a good day: friends came over, Uno was played, pinot grigio was imbibed, twilight walks were enjoyed, and meatballs were devoured...by the males in our party, mostly (alas, I was the only female; story of my life). I, in a very uncharacteristic move, sampled one meatball. It wasn't bad, if you like that sort of thing! T actually thought the recipe was a little heavy on the pork, so he plans on halfing the bacon portions in future. You can find the recipe here.


SabinePsynopsis said...

Yum-yum! I love meatballs, but think your idea of reducing the pork is a good one.

JMay said...

These meatballs look so tasty & from scratch!? Good job girl! My fiancĂ© & I are always eating Swedish meatballs…good choice!