February 5, 2010

My funny valentines

I always feel a bit conflicted about Valentine's Day. I loathe its crass commercialism, the expectations and subsequent disappointments, the sort of pressure it bears on couples and single folks alike. And yet, I feel like Valentine's Day has gotten a bad rap of late, which is a shame because I truly feel that the idea behind it is rather sound (and interesting, to boot). What's wrong with showing the people we love most just how much we love and appreciate them? What's wrong with a little affection? Nothing, is the answer! I like the idea of celebrating all types of love--romantic, filial, friendship-based, or even self-love--not only on Valentine's Day, but throughout the year. Whether it's booking yourself that deep tissue massage you're in desperate need of or sending little notes to your twin nieces (they sent me the sweet valentine missives above), it's important to indulge yourself and the people important to you with some TLC. And when it comes to sending valentines, I tend to favor the quirky over the saccharine.
Take exhibits a and b: the felines and the unicorn, courtesy of Egg Press. They strike the perfect balance between sweet and slightly oddball that I find so endearing and not at all mawkish. This year, I'm leaving the valentine-sending for those who know good letterpress when they see it (there are so few of us out there), while giving the boyfriend something he will appreciate much more than a unicorn-adorned card (blasphemy, I know), candy hearts or boxers strewn with cupids, and that is a home-cooked meal.

{Images via Egg Press}


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm loving these cards---especially the cat's meow. Too cute. I grew up in San Luis Obispo! I was there from age 4 - 14 when I left for boarding school. I loathed it growing up, but now of course miss it dearly. What brought you there? I love Santa Barbara too! How I miss the sunshine... XO Kate

Sabine said...

I tend to ignore Valentine's day because it's so commercialised, but these cards are so pretty, you could send them to someone any day of the year.