December 1, 2009

Good Tidings

It never fails. December 1st rolls around and *all of a sudden I am overcome with the holiday spirit. Case in point: I just purchased these adorable Egg Press holiday cards which I plan on sending out to family and friends this year (I especially love that they're green in more ways than one). I'm so looking forward to taking some time to sit down and pen my holiday missives of good tidings and cheer, all while listening to some classic Vince Guaraldi and swigging a mug of hot cocoa. Does that sound like a raging good time, or what?!

*I say "all of a sudden" because as of, oh, a day ago, I just didn't feel ready for Christmas. Which is typically my state of mind throughout the month of November. Does anyone else really resent the fact that the autumn season gets hijacked by Christmas immediately after the Halloween festivities are over? Or is it just me?

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