September 19, 2009

East Coast Adventures

I've been back in Los Angeles for a few days now after spending a week on the east coast. T and I flew in for our friends' wedding in Connecticut and spent some time in Brooklyn before and after. I had been to Manhattan several times, but never to Brooklyn, so I was very curious to check it out, considering it's now the hip place to be. I was charmed by the brownstoned, leafy Park Slope neighborhood and by our friends' rooftop terrace from which we could admire a pretty a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline and even the Statue of Liberty, way off in the distance. It was so peaceful up there on that roof and provided a refreshing respite from the frenzy of the city below.

I was also super excited to learn that my Brooklyn friends live two doors down from J.Crew creative director and style maven, Jenna Lyons. How awesome is that? My love for J.Crew has been made quite apparent before.

We had coffee here.

I bought paper here.

On another note, T and I were somewhat surprised and a little dismayed to discover that Brooklyn suffers from a shocking scarcity in taxi cabs. We ended up hoofing our way through Park Slope, Boerum Hill, and Cobble Hill more than we would have liked. The silver lining (there is always one, is there not?) is that we had some pretty incredible meals. And no trip to Brooklyn would be complete without checking out the Brooklyn Public Library. Check out those owls.

And crossing the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge.

And meeting bibliophile cats who get to lounge around amid books all day. Where can I sign up for that job?

The first thing I noticed about Connecticut (and New England, for that matter, for it was my first time for both) is that the air had a particularly fresh, clean quality to it. Everything was so green and lush and was tinged with that end-of-summer feeling. The leaves hadn't yet changed color completely, but if you looked closely you could see the first hints of autumn coloring the outlines of the leaves in that lovely golden hue.

The skies threatened rain throughout our visit and even made good with their threat by unleashing a bit of drizzle here and there. Thankfully, it remained blissfully dry during and after the wedding ceremony. The wedding itself took place at the Bellamy Ferriday house, which has been around since the 18th century (this sort of thing never ceases to amaze this Californian, who grew up in the sort of town where an "old" building is one that emanates from the 1920's).

The centerpieces at each table had freshly picked lavender and stones gathered from somewhere. I'm guessing a flower-strewn path from a nearby meadow (right?).

Twigs from branches formed a sort of wreath on top of the wedding cake. This completed the wood-nymph theme of the wedding, which I found utterly enchanting.

The happy couple.


Lindsay said...

FUN!!!! Lets get together soon. Maybe coffee after work one day. Miss you

Joanna said...

You know, I was JUST thinking the other day that a coffee date is long overdue. Let me know what time would be good for you!