August 13, 2009

Fall with J.Crew

Each piece in J. Crew's new fall collection is "meant to be affectionately weathered and worn--much like your favorite paperback." Oh, J.Crew, you had me at "paperback".

How gorgeous are the colors in this photo? I love the blue-gray tones of the sea and cardigan (I am cardigan-obsessed; they are my weakness as shoes are for most women). Makes me want to go to Big Sur, which I've never actually had the pleasure to visit. But that will change. I've been politely pestering T about it.

How cute is this model's curls? I hope it inspires curly-haired girls everywhere to go more natural instead of playing slave to the flat iron. I stopped straightening my hair years ago because, quite frankly, I don't need the hassle. Plus, I think my wavy/curly hair rather suits me. I'm all for embracing what you've got! And I'm a little lazy.

I want this girl's life. That is all.


Mary said...

That catalog was spectacular! I loved the location... and I thought the same thing about that model's curls... The cover shot is one of my all time J.CREW faves!!

me melodia said...

i concur.