August 25, 2009

Twin love

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of entertaining two little visitors, my twin nieces, Alexa and Stephanie. They're not quite four years of age, but you'd think they were fourteen by what comes out of their mouths sometimes. Upon arriving, Stephanie immediately asked to see my shoe collection and requested I paint her fingernails after seeing my own lacquered nails. Then after spotting my four-year-old Apple powerbook computer, Alexa asked me if I thought about getting a new one, as if she were a computer sales rep trying to sell me the latest model. Ironically, T has been spending the last week or so trying to convince me that I need a new one, so I wonder if they're in cahoots with each other?? The girls came bearing the best gifts for my upcoming birthday: two mini potted roses, a bottle of nail polish (OPI Siberian Nights, excellent choice), a nail file, and a hand cream with SPF from nail guru Deborah Lippmann. What more could a girl ask for?

While I was taking a quick snap of the lovely rose bushes, Stephanie stuck her little head in the frame at the last second. Clearly, she doesn't have a problem with the limelight.

Post-gifts, we had lunch and went to a local park so the girls could run around and enjoy the summer sun. Alexa especially showed off some pretty enviable monkey bar skills. It was a great day.

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