June 15, 2009

Weekend in San Diego

It's always nice to get out of town for a little change of scenery. Especially when that change of scenery involves casual beach towns and sweeping views of the Pacific. Contrary to what these pictures might suggest, it wasn't all relaxation. Scrambling across San Diego to attend two graduations (and are graduations EVER fun?) with two families isn't exactly what I call a vacation. But I can't complain: I caught up with my adorable three-year-old twin nieces, who are delightful and so much fun to hang out with; I got to snuggle with T's six-week-old niece; I had a beautiful room at the gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado, complete with ocean view and a deep tub. Here are a few snapshots from my weekend in San Diego.

Room with a view on two very different days

White shutters in the bathroom opened out into the living area, which also included a cozy fireplace.

I could have stayed here all morning; I nearly did.

Sinking into this comfy over-sized chair made me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland after she sipped from the bottle labeled "Drink Me".

Peonies bursting with colors ranging from magenta to a whisper soft pink. Found at Ralph's supermarket, no less. My excitement over spotting them in so unlikely a place prompted an older lady passing by to break into a story of how she would ride to school on horseback in six-degrees-below-zero weather. No joke. Don't know how that was relevant to my passion for peonies; it shall forever remain a mystery to me.


naturally nina said...

woooow. looks so relaxing. i'm jealous! :)

Good-Grace said...

oh my goodness... the PEONIES! They ARE gorgeous...

What scares me is the story about the little old lady... I fear that will be me someday. My adult A.D.D is bad enough without factoring in old age. ugh...

Joslyn said...

oh my...peonies and white sheets...two of my favorite things!