November 9, 2010

A New Jane Eyre

They've done it again. Yet another film version of the gothic classic (and one of my personal favorites) Jane Eyre is in the works. We're told that Director Cary Fukunaga's adaptation will focus more on the gothic elements to the story; just exactly how he plans to achieve that (and how his version will differ from the many adaptations before him) remains to be seen when the film is released in March 2011. I am a major fan of the 2006 BBC/Masterpiece Theatre version with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens (talk about hotness--the chemistry between them is palpable) and in my eyes, no other can knock it off its pedestal. Still, I can't deny that this new movie poster with the lovely Mia Wasikowska has definitely peaked my interest. I find it at once haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Countless film and television adaptations of this classic 19th century novel, as well as a multitude of literary re-tellings, prequels, and spinoffs (one of the most famous of which is my beloved Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which in turn was made into a film by Alfred Hitchock--I heart both) have been made, and there has even been a graphic novel. Clearly, the story has resonated with generations of people, all itching to re-imagine this gothic tale of love and passion, of identity and survival, in their own unique way. I say, bring it on, Focus Features.

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Mary-Laure said...

Intriguing indeed. I just adore the book but have never watched any adaptation... Can't wait to see this one.
Shame on me, I had no idea Rebecca was inspired by Jane Eyre.
Did you read Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea? It is the story of the 1rst Mrs Rochester's youth in the West Indies, and how she met Mr Rochester etc. I was VERY skeptical when I started reading it but then I loved it.

Joanna said...

Mary-Laure, I did know about Wide Sargasso Sea being inspired by Jane Eyre and have always wanted to read it! I'm so glad to hear you loved it. High praise indeed! I bet the first wife's tale is fascinating.

Kimia Kline said...

ahh cannot wait for this! jane eyre is one of my all time favorites--i never get sick of new renditions.

simone leblanc said...

sigh, cannot wait!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

The poster is lovely and I look forward to the film. I adore Jean Rhys and have read most of her books. Enjoy!

Maggie said...

This looks so great! I haven't paid much attention to previous adaptation simply because the book is so great and I didn't know how they could possibly live up to the original work, but Mia Wasikowska could be a terrific Jane...this poster definitely makes me want to follow the film's progress.