October 12, 2010

Reading Nook

Meet the perfect reading chair.

Would I like to own this very chair, as well as the sun-drenched corner/ideal reading nook along with it? Yes, yes I would.

And I'll take the wise old owl lamp, too.

{Images via West Elm}


Mary-Laure said...

Whenever I have a really nice cosy chair for reading, it's taken over by Benjy for his naps! I'm sure he'd love this one.

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

These spots are perfection! Happy reading.

Sarah said...

Owls are totally having a moment right now. They deserve it.

My husband saw a tiny owl walking in the parking garage at his work yesterday. In the middle of Miami. I imagine the little guy looked like the one on this lamp.

Torrie said...

I love reading nooks, of all sorts. I am going to create one in each of my kid's room, and in the future- one in our office. Right now, it's the couch or the bed:).

Anonymous said...

Both lovely items! West elm is genius.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

This chair and nook do look perfect for reading, especially while wearing one of your cozy sweater selections.