April 11, 2010

A Food Revolution

Is anyone else watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I'm so proud of what he's doing to promote healthy eating and revolutionize the way food is made and served in schools today, both in the UK and now stateside. He's certainly come a long way from the days spent zipping around London on his scooter, when he was known simply as "The Naked Chef". Jamie has since started a petition to show our government just how dire the situation is and how we need to make a positive change in the way children eat in this country. I've already added my name to the already 200,000+ list of signatures. Will you?


Laura [What I Like] said...

I do love his show...it started out quite depressing I thought but slowly but surely I'm gaining some hope!

Joanna said...

I know, I was so disheartened when the show first began! The residents of Huntington were so resistant to change and resented Jaime for being there in the first place. But I feel like his heart has been in the right place, and I'm so happy that finally people are starting to come around.

Things That Can Fly said...

I've been watching the show too. That DJ is such a jerk! He made me so mad (even after he came around in that episode.)
What a challenge Jamie is undertaking!

Twila said...

I love him and what he was doing. I just wish he would have done it while we were in school. Thats crazy about the volcano. Best wishes to u.