December 10, 2008

Tis the season

The holidays are most definitely here, and depending on your outlook, that could be a cause of absolute misery or immense joy. I tend to hover somewhere in between. I love the idea of Christmas and the meaning behind it, but at times I can't help but feel disenchanted with its overly commercial ways. Charlie Brown would totally empathize!

Which is why I think it's important to focus on the things that lend a little joy to this festive season. For me, it's spreading a little cheer around by writing holiday cards and sending them to family and friends (and who doesn't need a bit of cheer these days?). At the moment, I’ve got Ella Fitzgerald singing carols in the background ("Good Morning Blues" is a particular favorite of mine), a cup of steaming green tea at my elbow, and a stack of wonderfully quirky holiday cards in front of me, just waiting for me to break out that pen and start writing. How cute are these designs? Oh, how I
adore letterpress!

Doesn’t this angel look splendidly happy? Must remember to ask her what gives her that angelic glow.

How dapper does this owl look, with scarf tossed jauntily over his shoulder (do owls have shoulders?). If only I could look as effortless.

These bike-riding gnomes crack me up! I know one friend in particular who will be ecstatic to see these happy little guys in her mailbox.

For anyone who's interested, the tweety birds are from Snow & Graham, the owl is from Vera Wang Fine Papers, and the angel and gnomes are from Egg Press.


Anonymous said...

These are all so awesome. I love letterpress too---my trouble is that I can never choose which of the zillions on Etsy I like best. I guess there are worse problems to have!

And i know what you mean about having mixed feelings about the holidays. I'm the same way, especially this year. It doesn't seem right to be spending when so many peoples' futures are so uncertain...but these cards and a sweet heartfelt note are the perfect antidote!

l'air du temps said...

oh it does sound like a perfect way to spend some time, and Ella on the music box... sounds divine.

happy weekend and holidays!

Tartar Sauce said...

you outdid yourself BY FAR! so happy to have been the recipient of that little piece of gnome-on-bike magic :)


I always like the red & grey combo somehow...& that owl is so adorable! You have a lovely weekend dear*

Mary-Laure said...

Thank you for the LOVELY card you sent me, it was a real treat!

I'm a huge fan of Ella's too. Her voice is 100% sunshine.

Mary-Laure said...

PS: I mentioned you in my Friday post!

Joanna said...

Thank you for your comments, everyone. Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets excited about letterpress. :-)