August 23, 2010

Birthday musings: things I want

Alas, my birthday is on the horizon. And not just any birthday. My golden birthday. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, fear not, because apparently you're not the only one. It appears that the golden birthday phenomenon hasn't quite taken root seeing that I've had to explain the concept more times than I would have thought necessary (I have my mother, from whom I first learned the term, to thank for that). Basically, a golden birthday is when a person turns the age of their birth day. So in my case, I will be 29 years old on the 29th of August. See how that works? Kind of nifty, right?

It's a happy, exciting time of year for me. Not only am I celebrating turning another year older (and, dare I say, wiser?), but I am also celebrating the start of my all-time favorite season of the year: the crispness of new beginnings that is autumn. As is often the case during this time of year, when we find ourselves at the precipice of one season and looking forward to the next, I like to make a list of goals and things I plan to accomplish in the year ahead (as well as contemplate all that I've learned and accomplished over the past twelve months). I also like to make a wish list of things I flat out covet and want in my life. If money were no object, of course. I can't think of a more ideal condition in which to shop and dream...

Blame the back-to-school feeling that hangs in the air as August draws to a close, that sense of newness and scholarly pursuits and learning that inspires me so, because every year at this time I want a new handbag. And this messenger bag evokes all those stirring autumnal feelings for me.

I already own a plethora of nautical tees (they're just so clean and fresh and very French, no?), but I can always make room for one more. Especially for one this adorable.

I've grown tired of reaching for my blackberry whenever I want to ascertain the time. If I had this oversized watch from Omega to call my own, checking the time would be a pleasure and maybe even the highlight of my day.

I've had my heart set on these darling alphabet earrings for quite some time now. And I think the time has come for them to be mine at last.

A cozy pair of nubby socks would make those chilly autumnal nights that much warmer. I remember a scene from one of the Harry Potter books in which Dumbledore confesses that what he most desires in all the world is a pair of thick woolen socks. I totally get what you mean, Dumbledore.

I heavily rely on scarves when the thermostat takes a nosedive, or any other time for that matter. They just elevate an outfit like nothing else. And the label behind this lovely number takes my breath away.

I don't think Jonathan Adler could be any cooler if he tried. And without a doubt my life would be so much better if I had this owl sculpture to look at every day.

Shop and and dream....


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Oh no. My golden came and went years ago, without my notice. Hmph. Perhaps I should buy myself those tiny "d" earrings as a belated gift.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

And...I am so rude. Happy golden birthday to you.

Joanna said...

Not rude at all, Denise. And thank you! :-)

P.S. You totally deserve a pair of the "d" earrings!

{Arianna Belle} said...

Golden birthday...hadn't heard of that one! Mine passed a long time ago...birthday's on (nov) 9th.

Love your bday picks...especially those cozy socks..sitting in a starbucks and its so cold in here! LOL

Happy belated birthday!!!

JaneGS said...

5 on the 5th--youth is wasted on the young!

I like the earrings so much I bookmarked the page for Xmas ideas.

Lovely set of wish-fors, and Happy Birthday.