March 6, 2010

Style Icon: Lovely Rita

When I came across this picture of Rita, grandmother of fellow blogger Katie (she of the adorable the NEO-traditionalist blog), my mouth dropped to the floor. How beautiful and impeccably stylish is she? If I turn out half as chic and accomplished as Rita when I grow up, I would be very happy indeed.

{Photo via the NEO-traditionalist}


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

You are the sweetest thing on earth! I fear Rita just left for a month in Egypt (how fabulous is that?), but I'll have to call her in California and point her to your blog when she returns. She'll be tickled pink! I've been meaning to have my little brother scan me photos of my grandparents back in the day---Rita's basically Jackie O. with red hair and my mother and her four siblings were always dressed to the nines---I just love old photos! I'll have to do a post with them one of these days... Hope you're having a lovely weekend Joanna! XOXO

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I agree. Rita looks fabulous!