January 21, 2010

Rainy day LA

Torrential rain has hit Southern California this week, and yet my commute to and from work has remained blissfully civilized in spite of it all (LA drivers are known for not handling rain very well). Kudos to the California Highway Patrol and my fellow drivers for maintaining calm and order on the roads! Although I can't say I'm especially fond of driving in the rain, I absolutely adore listening to it. Lately I want nothing more than to listen to the sound of it drumming against my window as I snuggle up warm and safe inside, book in hand. Preferably a Gothic or mystery novel that somewhat reflects the somber, gray weather outside.

I think the following poem by 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho captures the current state of things brilliantly.

First Winter Rain by Matsuo Basho
First winter rain--
even the monkey
seems to want a raincoat.

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Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Listening to rain while curled up with a good book...perfection.