March 16, 2009

Salad with a side of celebrity (part deux)

Ordinarily, I'd just let this most recent celebrity sighting go unblogged because I just wrote about seeing a whole bunch of celebrities unexpectedly and I know it's not the most exciting of topics and therefore isn't really worth mentioning twice in a row, and I'm not terribly impressed with celebs anyway and I never even notice them, so why are they all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork and who cares, they're just people, for crying out loud! But I thought the latest sighting was too good to not mention.

T and I were walking hand in hand toward R+D restaurant on Montana when we saw a man walking from said restaurant to his hybrid car parked out front. He glanced up and looked straight at me and I realized that I was staring into the eyes of none other than Steven Speilburg. T wants to be Mr. Speilburg when he grows up, so he nearly died.